The filebrowser of ImageInfoToolkit will help you to get a quick overview over all images in one folder. You can move single files or groups of images into a new folder at once and use this way to prepare e.g. groups of similar images for further processing .

Opening a folder
To open a folder of images using the filebrowser or to start a slide show, choose " Open folder.." from the "File" menu. A dialog box appears where you can choose the desired folder and all images within this folder will be displayed on the left side of the opening filebrowser window.

Move images
Choose a destination folder by clicking on button 4. If you have choosen a destination folder, mark as many images as you like using the check box 1. You can continue your selection on all available pages. Browse the pages by clicking on the buttons 3.
When you finshed your selection, click on button 2. All marked images will move from one side of the window to the other.
When you close the file browser window you will be asked, if the images should be moved now from one folder to the other. Only if you confirm, the files will be moved.
Hint: Button 2 will get active only, if you have choosen a destination folder and there are selected images.

Enlarge image
A single click on the thumbnail image will open a window with a larger image view.

Edit image
A single click on one thumbnail with CTRL (STRG) key pressed will open the IPTC information window of this image, where you can edit the IPTC information. (s.a. Edit image information)

Navigate in selection
The filebrowser of ImageInfoToolkit will display the image selections within your source folder and destination folder page wise. To move from one page to the next, you need to click on the navigation buttons 3. Using the left button row you can navigate within the scource folder. The right one will navigate within the destination folder.

Start a batch
If you have selected some images by clicking on check boxes 1, button 5 will become active. With a click on button 5 you can start a batch processing on the selected images.
Hint: The images will all be procesed in the source folder, regardless which directory (source or destinaton) you have choosen.