Welcome to Image Info Toolkit !

Image Info Toolkit enables you to write, read and edit textual information (compatible with the IPTC/NAA standards) to your JPEG (without incurring additional compression), TIFF and DNG image files. Image Info Toolkit also offers you various tools, to make your digital image workflow fast, easy and reliable. For example, use the file browser tool to review, sort and edit your digital image files.

When using Image Info Toolkit for the first time, it will start in a fully functioning Demo mode. Image Info Toolkit can be started 10 times while in Demo mode and after 10 starts in Demo mode, the Demo mode will end, and you will need a valid serial number to continue use. You may enter a valid serial number at any time to return to the fully functioning version.
To obtain a serial number for Image Info Toolkit, please use our online order form.